Mein Bushra-Review


Directed by Ahmad Bhatti, main cast of this awesome drama includes the top actors and actresses of Pakistan drama industry like Saba Hameed, Faisal Qureshi, Mawra Hocane, Waseem Abbas and many others. In this drama serial leading role was played by Mawra Hocane as Bushra.

We live in a society ruled by rigid notions and false beliefs, where women are marked by disgrace based on an unjustified way of thinking. ‘Mein Bushra’, is the story of a young woman who becomes the victim of just such a mindset. In our society daughters are considered and treated as a burden. No doubt, people want son for continuous generation. Parents that have daughters only consider themselves helpless in face of society forgetting that it is will of GOD.

The story of the serial reflects the irrational thinking of common people in our society. Drama plot shows that Waseem Abbas and Saba Hameed have seven daughters. It is a common concept in our society that when parents have name of their daughter “Bushra” then in next time God will bless them with a son. On the same basis Bushra’sparents give name to their 3rd daughter “Bushra”. But after that they have four daughters and not a son. This thing frustrates Bushra’s father and he blames Bushra for this. On the other hand Bushra wants to become the arm of her father she wants to feel pride for her in the eyes of her parents. She forgets that she is living in such a society that doesn’t give respect to a woman. Bushra is an intelligent student and her teachers respect her. She has won medals but she sacrifices all just for her family and especially for her father. Mocked and humiliated by family and loved ones, she is deemed as a bad woman.

Determined to break away from this prejudice, she make a epic struggle against society in an attempt to shatter these illogical beliefs about daughters, and regain her respect and honor in the world. With the passage of time and after a long battle it has been showed that Bushra finally got her love and respect she deserve and end on happy note.

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