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Thapki pyar ki, jointly produced by SOL and Shoonya Square Production was premiered on 25th May 2015 on colors TV. The serial is written by VED Raj Shrivastava and Dheeraj Sarna.Thapki pyar ki is a pure family drama with love, passion, and many excitements. The daily soap cast Jigyasa Singh as Thapki (Vanni), Prateeksha Lonkar as her mother, Shakti Singh as her father,Sneha Bajaj as her sister and Cute Shubh Kalraas her brother.

“Thapki Pyar ki” is a light- heart touching story which will surely motivate the viewers to go beyond their limitations and not give up on their dreams.Story of the this drama revolves around the character, Vanni Chaturvedi. Vanni has been named as Thapki by the society due to her speech disorder. In spite of being a young beautiful girl, she has not been considered as a normal girl due to her stammering problem. she is a girl next door, who loves dressing up, dreams of becoming a beautiful bride however, no one accept her due to her flaw.Thapki was open for an arranged marriage and her parents tried to get her married fixed. But owing her speech impediment, no one was willing to marry her. Her parents managed to get her alliance fixed with “Diwakar”, who was shorter than Thapki. Initially, Diwakar did not know about Thapki’s stuttering and he got upset when he heard her stammer, demanded dowry. Diwakar refuses to marry but for money he keep quiet. Diwakar and Thapki spent some time together, her good behavior make him feel that she insults him for being short, later he refuses to marry her because of stumbling problem. After being rejected for the marriage, Thapki accepted a job in news channel owned by Dhruv Pandey and moved to Noida with her mother. Her father and two siblings joined them later. Dhruv’s mother who doesn’t like stammering or anything that doesn’t work or run properly fixes Dhruv’s alliance with Thapki without being aware of her stammering problem. She is currently trying to separate them, after her long efforts Dhruv and Thapki are separated. Bihaan replaces Dhruv in the mandap and marry Thapki. Now Thapki and Bihaan to live together until they get divorce.Which was start of Thapki epic battle to turn her weakness into strength to make it most thrilling part of the story.

This show brings a new thought. It made a great start and worth watching for those, who want a break from regular shows and did not get anything good in recent new shows. It clearly shows that nothing is impossible when you get a pat of love. The show covers the ups and downs in Thapki’s life. Her supportive parents and siblings make Thapki’s life perfect one. She has all the good qualities a girl could possess. In current episodes, she was seen depicting great values given by her parents.

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